10 Benefits of Executive Coaching
You Will Experience as We Work Together

  1. You will have a confidant. 
    You can process things with me that you are not able to tell others. I will be non-judgmental and keep our conversations completely confidential.  There is trust and safety in this relationship, so you can be real and authentic.

  2. You will see your blind spots. 
    Every leader has personal areas that are out of view or awareness until they are encouraged to look at themselves from a different perspective. I am perfectly poised to perform this critical function with you.

  3. You will get objective feedback. 
    Other people may have agendas. I have your best interests in mind in providing honest and straight forward feedback for you.

  4. You will have another set of eyes. 
    Just as the top performers in the world have coaches to help them see what they themselves can’t see; our coaching relationship will provide another set of eyes so you can have a fresh, new perspective on the things that matter most to you.

  5. You will gain confidence through voluntary accountability. 
    You will achieve the outcomes you desire by reporting on the progress you make on your action steps. These action steps continue to build with each coaching session toward the achievement of your goal.

  6. You will have a sounding board. 
    Our coaching sessions will provide an objective, outside perspective as you talk about the things that are important to you. As I help you hear yourself, exciting, new insights will emerge that will fuel your motivation.

  7. You will have another source of creative ideas. 
    You can brainstorm and try out new ideas, behaviors and plans as our coaching sessions provide a safe place to experiment and explore.

  8. You will have renewed energy to create and accelerate your vision. 
    Together we will develop plans and begin to achieve immediate success based on your beliefs, values, personal strengths, and vision for the future. As you begin to take steps toward your goal, your enthusiasm will continue to strengthen and build.

  9. You will be able to celebrate your successes and have a source of strength when you fail.
    I will become one of your biggest supporters!  I am in your corner and will support and encourage you to press on during and through some of your biggest challenges… and opportunities.  You can fail forward without judgement and with the vital support you need.

  10. You will receive help to process life and grow in your leadership. 
    Life is a process and our coaching sessions will be invigorating times that create inspiration and continuous momentum so that you excel in every critical area of your life!