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Ambitious leaders have audacious dreams. 

But pursuing those dreams may feel like navigating through darkness. 

They bump into the same problems over and over. These issues become roadblocks, stopping the path to great potential. Instead of accomplishing big goals, they run in circles.



Our founder was in your shoes. 


He helped one company go from $20m to $250m in revenue. He took another from negative cash flow to an 8-figure exit in just a few years. With a focus on developing people, staying accountable, being disciplined, and following proven processes, teams consistently eliminated roadblocks to growth.


Providence Coaching now helps other leaders experience these results in their organizations. Align teams. Eliminate obstacles. Achieve goals.


How we work with executive teams



Monthly offsite 

We meet for 3 hours to work through a book or key topic.

1:1 coaching

We have one-on-one meetings with each team member between each monthly offsite.

 Achieve big goals

With clarity and accountability, you're ready to reach new heights.


What does it look like when we work with a CEO?

  1. We diagnose the problem preventing growth.
  2. We create a treatment plan designed to break through the biggest obstacles.
  3. You develop clear outcomes with accountability.




What other leaders say about Providence Coaching


“You not only helped me to take the first steps of achieving something I have been wanting to do for over 3 years, but with your coaching, I achieved it in less than 4 months! Your approach made the accomplishment of my goal much easier and more rewarding than I thought possible.”

Kyle Davis – Owner of Multiple Franchise Restaurant


“I never realized how valuable the accountability of your coaching was to the success of my business. Your encouragement to and helping me implement practical ways to spend more time working ON the business instead of IN the business has made the difference between what would have been moderate success and our huge success! Thank you for challenging me to become the leader God has called me to be.”

Scott Porter – Owner & President of an Information Technology Company (inLogic)

“I cannot quantify the growth in my leadership of our CPA firm, but I know there is no way we would be where we are today without your coaching over the past 2 years. The clarity, accountability, and most importantly, the results we have achieved have been nothing short of spectacular.”

Greg Pace – Managing Partner of Multiple-site CPA Practice (RESJ)


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